Inhouse Repair Service

Profound knowledge and long-term experience are the most essential parts in maintenance of PLC-modules, control panels or industrial personal computers. It is not always necessary to exchange a defective device completely – we offer inhouse inspection and repair services.

Berghof Automation provides a specialized repair division that is permanently

in contact with our processing experts and has unlimited access to all technical product files in our data base. Our professionals are always prepared to accommodate our customers i. e. to install our client’s original software applications before returning the repaired module if required.

We have the ability to repair at component level - we first make a thorough failure analysis, exchange or repair the damaged parts and finish by checking all functions precisely. Afterwards the inspection and repair results are recorded in a detailed repair report.

In case a repair should turn out to be economically unviable we of course will contact our customers to find alternative solutions.

Request RMA number

After remittance of the completed data sheet, we will send you our RMA no.

Please return the goods to be repaired to our address hereafter, including a detailed damage report and stating our RMA no.

Berghof Automation GmbH
BU Automatisierungstechnik
Repair service

Arbachtalstraße 26
72800 Eningen

On receipt of goods our system issues an arrival notice via e-mail. Your device will then be inspected and

scheduled for repair and we will send you a repair order confirmation, either showing our all-inclusive repair rates or the reference to a subsequent cost estimate covering more complex mendings.

For modules still in warranty we, of course, do not invoice any costs – they will be repaired fastest possible and returned free of charge.

We grant you a period of 5 working days for any possible contradiction of our confirmation or refusal of our cost estimate – after expiry of this period we take your acceptance as a given and carry out maintenance.

On return of the repaired modules you will receive an advice of dispatch by e-mail including shipping details such as freight carrier and tracking number (in case of parcel service).